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Request for Proposals

RFP2017-04  Toll Collection System  10.31.17


On Page 16 Video Surveillance and Vehicle Recognition Software Under this section remove the last words of the third paragraph. We understand the ALPR software will identify the plate info but not the driver.  We intend to add a camera angle to capture the driver.

List of Questions/Answers

Local Electricians

Toll Building Alterations and Reroof 

Update #1

Update #2

Update #3 - See update #2

Update #4

Update #5

Update #6


Fiscal Year 2017 Meeting Minutes

QBM 11.16.16

FINANCE 1.3.17

FINANCE 2.6.17

QBM 2.15.17

QBM 4.26.17

SBM 6.28.17

QBM 6.28.17



GIBA 2018 Budget

Ethics Laws

Toll Rates